National Association for Patient Participation Conference – 9th June 2018

Yellow Card Centre West Midlands were delighted to participate in the 40th Anniversary of the National Association of Patient Participation event held in Nottingham on Saturday 9th June 2018. ( This event brought together patient participation groups (PPGs) from around the country to celebrate 40 years of patient engagement.
Dr Patricia Wilkie (Chair) and Sir Denis Pereira Gray (Patron) of the NAPP introduced the event before Professor Mayur Lakhani (President Royal College of General Practitioners) gave a keynote on family medicine.
Our team from YCCWM enjoyed talking to attendees about the importance of reporting side effects to medicines and how to ensure medication safety through patient-centred care. Participants enjoyed the ADR quiz matching common drugs / drug classes to known Adverse Drug Reactions which prompted many personal stories of issues with medicines.
Patricia Wilkie was one of the first lay members of the Committee of Safety for Medicines and was a pioneer on patient reporting of adverse drug reactions.
We hope to work closely with patients and PPGs through the contacts made today in the future.

40 years of patient engagement: what next? the theme of the conference

YCCWM discussing drug safety with Professor Mayur Lakhani